Ode to Athlete Lesbians

Writing: perkytitz89
We call ourselves athlete lesbians.
Maybe it is because,
yes I recognize you wore mascara
and an excess of spandex to practice,
I doused perfume and laced my sneakers.
Up against you,
tackling with all my might
to lie on top of you
for a second,
and inhale
Maybe we call ourselves athlete lesbians
because we both pack dipp in our lip
the moment practice is over.
Hop on your scooter, I sit behind,
the hands that would caress your abs
under the soft skin on your stomach
occupied holding your shoulder pads, and mine.
Maybe we call ourselves athlete lesbians
because it is what people see
when they notice Nike shorts
brush Nike shorts
and the look of deepest concern
when one of us takes a heartbeat too long
to get up from the turf
later in the shower,
we wince at the rugburn
Adrenaline laced with endorphin
The one time in practice
I pretended to be center guard
and you tried hard
not to graze my ass
How you wake me up with oatmeal on game day
How we get our period the same day,
thankful it is not game day
and we do not need to wear
the white pants of our uniforms
How we dig out
identical tofu sandwiches
on away trips
and share bus seats
How coach knows
we do drills on our own time
how he said its ok as long as
we don’t date outside the team
Maybe we call ourselves athlete lesbians
because neither of us
will ever give up rubbing clit
with the burn of lactic acid in our forearms.
How your muscular ass bends
when I fuck you from behind
or how your veins bulge
when you toss me around
Or how the whole team
found out about Diana,
our strapless strap-on
(thanks for leaving your bag open, babe)
How under your shirt I always encounter
the tightest Under Armor sports bra,
the hurdle I must wrestle
before I can get at your bare
breasts, and on the same token,
How bras are the only piece of clothing
we never share
The embarrassment of
wearing my tightest, whitest,
most sports tailored underwear
my mom bought for me
with glee “for football!”
that you saw the first time
you tore of my pants,
and how you said
you didn’t care

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