Who we are

Canth is a DIY online magazine about politics, culture and life with a feminist and antiracist undertone.
We publish 3-4 digital issues a year, consisting of journalistic articles, op-eds, columns, humour pieces and creative works (such as short stories and poems). The topics can vary from economics to sex and from Justin Bieber to avant garde movie reviews.
Canth attempts to be a platform especially for voices that don’t fit into the ”white straight cis-man” box.


For each issue we have an open contributor call. Send submissions and pitches to toimitus@canthmag.fi. For all other enquiries please contact hello@canthmag.fi


Paula Hämäläinen – Editor & Founder
Rosa Luopajärvi – Editor
Anna Rauhanen – Founder
Muutos Issue contributors:

Aura Kontio
Lydia Lehtola
Hanna Malinen
Nelli Ruotsalainen
Oona Koivuranta
Riina Pesonen
Taneli Viljanen
Layout graphics: Rosa Luopajärvi
Design: Paula Hämäläinen, Rosa Luopajärvi, Anna Rauhanen
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